Sunday, June 15, 2014

We're back!

We all made it home, all except Jessica, who is in the ICU. We are not sure at this point what is going on with her medically, but she was looking and feeling a little better tonight. Thank you everyone for reading our blogs. We all have stories to tell and pictures to share. We helped people, a lot of people and in the process they helped us see the world a little differently. Thanks to all the great team members for doing such a great job. I will try and get some pictures uploaded tomorrow.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Fun Day In Paradise

Today we started out with the usual early breakfast. Beans and rice are getting less and less appealing as the days go on. First activity of the day was zip-lining at the coffee plantation. The tour guides really kept it interesting for us, they let us do stunts like the superman, crazy monkey, and bouncing. Some were scared at first and some were crazy from the beginning. For lunch we ate at Tip-Top chicken. Its kind of like our KFC. It was pretty good, I'm not gonna lie. My phone was stolen out of my book bag though, that was a Debbie downer on fun day. Next on the list was volcano Mombacho in the town of Masaya. It was an active volcano and very smokey. The cross at the top of the pictures has a story behind it, the Nicaraguans used to believe that if they would sacrifice people into the volcano then it wouldn't erupt.That obviously didn't work to well ha ha. We saved the best for last though, shopping. This big group of ladies + Bob have been asking about it since the beginning. It was hot, sweaty and dirty and your bubble no longer existed. We had security guards follow us around to make sure we weren't harmed or cheated out of money. Jeanie 9a nurse from the states that was already there)lived up to her name again and bought everything in sight. For dinner we ate at the second fanciest restaurant in Nicaragua. We could eat steak, chicken or sea bass. May I just add that the steak was pretty fine. And so was the fruit juice. We had a lot of firsts on this trip but hopefully not a lot of lasts. Overall it was a very good day and a great way to end this trip. Hallie & Madilyne (from Missouri)

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Nicaraguan Children and Hospital Tours

After a good nights rest following our 3 clinic days, we were up early with the dogs, birds and mangos again. Delicious breakfast started at 0630 with omelets, rice and beans, fruit and tasty Nicaraguan coffee. We headed to the Life Link base. Once we arrived, we were greeted by all the children and their smiling faces with a warm welcome. As we waited for the chapel service all of the children, grades 3 year old preschool thru 4th grade, gave us high fives and hugs which was enjoyed by all. The children then lined up and walked to the auditorium while carrying their colorful plastic chairs over their heads! The 4th graders organized and performed song and dance during the service which had the whole school involved, including the staff. We also had a special presentation by some of the children who performed traditional folk dancing and hip-hop as well. Afterwards, we were able to tour the classrooms and play with the children at recess. We blew bubbles and loved watching them chase and pop them enthusiastically. Bob, Jen, and Jenny were exhausted after playing soccer. Several members of the team sponsored children. This sponsorship provides support for their Christian education, meals, vitamins, and clothes. Every child at Life Link now has a sponsor! We were able to celebrate another birthday, Megan, one of the Life Link missionaries who has been a wonderful leader and influential to the continued success of the school. Next, we were able to tour 2 government hospitals, such a shocking difference from what we are used to in the states. We donated medications, vitamins, and toys. They were grateful for the donation. After dinner, including pollo (chicken) and fried plantains, we were surprised by Mike and Deb with an impromptu salsa dancing lesson by the Life Link dance instructor, Josalyn. She did an amazing job, and we couldn’t stop laughing at our two left feet! We are all looking forward to ziplining and shopping tomorrow. Good night☺ Tanya and Jessica